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GA Photographer Lauds Heather for "Natural and Raw Beauty", "Zero Surgeries"

"We get tired of seeing the fake."

As Heather was in Georgia filming for a Hollywood TV studio in September, she took advantage of local talent in the modeling sphere. Suffice it to say, it went pretty well:

"Ms. Fraley," begins the email the next day from the artist. "I just wanted to express how impressed I am with you at yesterday's shoot. You have no idea how refreshing it is to meet a model that has been modeling 25 years yet has had zero surgeries, no botox, no lip enhancers, I didn't even have to do any editing besides a simple color grade."

For the uninitiated, "color grading" is doing broad, simple changes to a picture's appearance such as making the light appear earlier or later in the day.

The photographer (whose name is withheld for this article) wasn't done. "You my dear are breathtaking and the true definition of a photographer's muse. We get tired of seeing the fake, I am honored to have captured natural and raw beauty. I will be recommending you to everyone! And next time you're in Georgia, please let me know."

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