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OIF NOMINATED: Intruder Alert (2022)

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

Intruder Alert (2022) is Heather Fraley's first film that she wrote and produced! It was entered into and accepted by the Orlando Independent Filmmakers (OIF) JOLT Film Challenge and earned a nomination for best supporting actor (Tony Palles).

As Heather stated on her FaceBook page, this milestone in her career did not come without its own trials and triumphs:

"Unfortunately we had a major issue with our audio being lost (Had to use only camera audio) which caused a major setback in editing timeline when the challenge was on a deadline, and therefore this is not how I wanted my first film I wrote and produced to end up, but in this industry the show must go on. And I'm sharing because everyone who was involved in this project deserves for me to post it. Directed by Preston Walden, cinematography by Bobby Washington, actors Mikayla Kane, Jonathan Montes, Tony Pallas, Sean 'Pro Slacker' Critelli, and myself. Music by Carlos Crespo, editing by Joe Phame."

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