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Maxim Covergirl Candidate (2022)

Funny story: we actually don't know how Heather got entered into a Maxim Covergirl competition - but she did and came this close to winning!

After taking an eight year long hiatus from professional modeling, in 2021 Heather got back into the ring to help provide for her family as a single mother. One thing led to another and she got involved with the film industry as well, and then one day in June several months later she got an email: "Congratulations on your acceptance to the Maxim Covergirl competition for 2022. Your entry has been accepted!"

We think one of her many photographers entered her name into the hat behind her back during her modeling blitz of '21 - and she is very grateful for that anonymous professional who gave her this opportunity of a lifetime.

The Covergirl competition happens in a series of voting and moving up in brackets like in March Madness. Several brackets later, she ended up in second place!

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