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Food for Thought: What to Do When Someone Leaves You

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

This is a little weird for me, because when I write I’m a little bit more serious and deeper. And in real life those who know me know I’m more of a goofball! So, it should be interesting, but here it is:

Food For Thought

Why do we get so offended when somebody leaves?

My guess is: we're curious creatures. So, the unknown is more bothersome than the person who actually left. You question yourself, and what you’re faults are, they must have left because they lost interest in you or found something better, right? And we wanna know what happened.

So, you can lose weight. Get a new haircut, better clothes, become the social butterfly, and be more adventurous. Or, correct whatever it was that you’re lacking, to keep and entertain the opposite sex.


They left because of them and where they are in life. And it was their choice and it was their right to walk away.

It doesn’t matter the reason. They might not even know or have one.

We’re not meant to find our soulmate in every relationship. And we’re not meant to be the perfect fit for every person we meet. The flaws that you think are there: they’re not!

It’s simple: you’re perfect...for you! How it should be. And one day, someone’s gonna find you, and it’s gonna be perfect for them too.

But you’re not perfect for everybody.

And…we’re not supposed to be.

So, when someone decides to walk out of your life, which will happen numerous times in your journey (sorry, to burst that bubble!😁)...don’t fight it. Just let them.

Be you. You are good enough. You are beautiful. And you are perfect to the right person as long as you’re perfect to yourself.

But, you’ll never know or find that if all you do is spend your time chasing backs that have been turned on you and that have walked away from you. That’s just gonna leave you lost, and you’ll lose who you truly are. And then you’ll have to go and find yourself again. And only after you find yourself will you actually get and understand your purpose and where you fit.

And you’ll meet that special somebody!

Alright, so that was the “SeRiOuS sIdE oF hEaThEr” (for the most part!)...and my Food For Thought!

Transcribed by Stephen Ross.

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